AU8UST became inspired by music and performance arts at the mere age of eight, hence the name. With an education in a supportive atmosphere, August learned several talents in the likes of the singing, songwriting, directing, producing, guitar, drums, piano, and ideas revolving around creative directing and visual design. August takes pride in his perseverance to make a goals for himself towards his creative passions. His approach to music is that of a dreamer and a believer. He has been an outspoken opponent of self-limitation, and has never believed in stifling other creative urges. Distractions to some, August claims his music would be void of its signature depth should he be unable to enjoy his alternative artistic pursuits.The primarily self-taught August explains a conspicuous fascination with different genres and artistic mediums by recalling his travels as a citizen of the world; embedding himself amongst our planets most exotic societies, soaking up different cultures. You might call the 24-year-old Californian an ultra-auteur, who capably produces, mixes and records his own music in a private, self-built studio in Brooklyn NY.




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August Hausman
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